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Worldcore Payment Solutions: Ease and Convenience of Cross Border Payments

WorldCoreElectronic fund transfer is an excellent cash management tool for businesses. It allows a business and its customers to exchange funds between each other in an electronic way rather than through wire transfers or checks. The key benefits of making and getting electronic fund transfer are convenience and savings. Other alternatives tend to cost more. Companies that get such payments from customers enjoy the cash flow benefit as they can be sure that payments are made automatically on the due date instead of waiting for checks.

Worldcore is a famous provider of online payments for businesses. Many of the offline and online businesses that have used the Worldcore service have enjoyed financial services comforts. With Worldcore’s global payment service, it will be easy for businesses to send and receive local as well as international wire transfer. The service is unlimited and complies with international regulations.

Why Switch to Worldcore?

Businesses that will use the online payment services of Worldcore will benefit from a range of financial services that include sending and receiving multi-currency bank payments across the world, converting Worldcorebalance into cash using prepaid debit card that Worldcore issues, issuing prepaid debit cards for employees and clients and sending money transfers to Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards around the globe. Worldcore’s platform is efficient enough to do all these. It is made as an automated financial tool for processing payments 24 hours. Each incoming payment is credited to internal USD or EUR account balance. Business account holders at Worldcore can make payments to each other for free.

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What’s More

With Worldcore, account holders do not have to understand the API integration’s mechanism and make use of programmers when starting to manage payments in the platform. They just need to obtain bank details in their account area at Worldcore, copy the link and then let clients avail of it after setting it at manual or automatic mode.

Incoming payments at Worldcore are determined through information indicated in payment reference details unique for every account holder. Every customer has the option to request for different bank details for his payments. Payments received are credited to the Worldcore account balance right away upon receipt.

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Accepting Bank Transfers through Worldcore

First, a customer should make a Worldcore account. A verification process must be completed in order to verify the client’s identity and company details for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Approval takes place on the same day for corporate account holders. After verification, a Load account section is available at the account page for customers to get their wiring instructions to accept bank payments. There is no limit to monthly or daily transaction volume. The payment solutions offered by Worldcore for businesses give them access to e-currency and bank payments, Visa/Mastercard payouts and prepaid debit cards. These solutions have been growing in popularity every day.

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Worldcore payment services totally simplify financial management of all offline and online businesses. These are ideal solutions for global payouts and cross-border payments to bank accounts, credit/debit cards and e-currencies at very low rates.

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