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Why must You Master the Art of Written Business Communication

The term communication is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and abused word in this age of social media where everybody, especially the businesses are busy trying to get their message through a clutter of information that bombs us every day.

What is Business Communication?

Without getting into the nitty-gritties of communication in general, we will jump right into the importance of business communication. Business Communication is any communication that is related to business. Simple? Yes. Easy to master? No. Business communication can be broken down into two broad categories:

  1. Internal – within the company with and among staff members
  2. External – with everybody else, distributors, retails, end customers

The above two types can be further carried out verbally, non-verbally or using the written word. This article focuses primarily on External Written Business Communication.

External written business communication is the company’s effort to convey about itself, its products, services, values, workforce, and everything else to the outside world, usually with the hope that it will earn business, boost revenues, and establish itself at a pedestal higher than its competitors.

Why Use the Written Word?

Not every company can use the television for hammering the customer with ads purely for branding. It is either too expensive or just doesn’t align with the company’s business strategy or is not the best option for the company’s product line or service offerings. Moreover, be it on paper or in the digital format, well drafted, error free, and professionally executed written communication material from the company in form of brochures, catalogs, paper ads, e-mailers, business plans, and annual reports can pack a lot of information for the end user which he can read in detail and refer to again in the future.

With the advent and eventual evolution of various social media platforms, various companies, artists, and small businesses have effectively used written communication to grow their customer base by using tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs effectively.

Over time, companies have begun to realize that the best names in any segment use written form of business communication to great advantage. Due to lack of expertise, shortage of workforce or hazy vision, various small and traditional companies have never focused on written communication as an important tool for growing business. But with changing times and growing awareness, businesses are increasingly taking help of professional content writing companies like http://www.customwritingservice.com/research-papers.html.

These professional companies hire the best writers from around the globe to write and deliver timely a wide variety of pieces from business presentations to financial reports that reach the shareholders and inform them about the current performance and future plans of the company.

To survive and flourish in the increasingly competitive global market, businesses must focus on creating communication that quickly but at the same time descriptively gives a reason to the customer to choose it in place of any other alternative . If used wisely and creatively, written business communication can significantly up the revenues of the company in the long run.

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