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What To Do When You’re Injured On The Job

Getting injured in the workplace can happen in even the most low-risk circumstances. Even someone who sits at their desk all day can develop wrist strain or tendonitis. A childcare worker may throw out their back lifting a child. Whatever the situation, if you get injured on the job it’s essential to follow through with the correct procedures.

By taking the correct steps you can ensure that you will be awarded compensation fairly, and avoid being put out of work for a long period of time, or worse, lose your job completely.

Follow these measures if you find yourself injured in the workplace and don’t know where to start.

Get Proper Care

When suffering an injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. By receiving the proper care you are guaranteeing not misdiagnosing your condition and potentially getting injured further.

When visiting the emergency room or urgent care, make sure to save a record of everything you have spent so that your expenses are on the books. This way it’s not your word against your employer’s, everything is on record, and your condition is unquestionable.

Notify Your Supervisor

It is crucial to notify your supervisor of your injury immediately following the incident. If not reported in a timely manner, you may be questioned about the severity of your injury. It brings up concerns when your injury suddenly flares up weeks after the event, and your honesty may come into question.

Even if your injury seems minor, it’s best to report it immediately as pain and discomfort often arise after the incident, particularly in the spine and neck. When in doubt, make a report, and see a doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation.

Find Legal Representation

It is best to have legal representation on hand when seeking a settlement of any kind. You never know when you might need legal advice or someone to represent you in court.

Lawyers can be expensive, and if you are currently unable to work you may need to seek discounted services, or better yet, a pro bono lawyer.

Your legal representative can make your chances of winning a settlement much higher, and they can educate you on different types of settlements to opt for.

Request Workers Compensation

If you have to miss work due to your injury, or are suffering on a daily basis, fill out the correct paperwork to be compensated for your situation.

In order to be eligible for workers compensation benefits, you must file the correct forms out in a timely manner. Forms can be found by visiting a Workers’ Compensation Board office or searching online.

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