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What Sort Of Car Insurance Do I Need In Thailand?

When it comes to driving in Thailand, things are fairly straightforward. In heavily congested regions of Asia, owning and driving a car can be very expensive. Yet in places like Thailand where there is a lot more space, the costs aren’t quite as crippling. This is, in part, due to the fact that vehicles aren’t all that valuable in this part of the world. If you do own an expensive car, you might have to pay a high premium.

Fortunately, road regulations in this part of the world are actually very easy to understand. It isn’t difficult to obtain an insurance policy in Thailand, nor is it a lengthy or complex process. If you are determined to own your own car, it is vital that you learn the rules of the road before you embark upon it. There is simply no excuse for moving to another country, and failing to familiarise yourself with its laws.


In Thailand, the minimum amount of vehicle insurance that you are legally allowed to drive under is third party accident, injury and fatality cover. This type of policy covers you for damage to another driver or another driver’s vehicle, says ExpatFocus.com. It will not cover you for damage to your own vehicle – you need a comprehensive policy for that. Comprehensive insurance is an optional choice in Thailand, so it is your decision. You are not legally required to be covered for damage to your own vehicle.

It’s also important to consider the value of your vehicle, when it comes to driving in a country like Thailand. As aforementioned, there aren’t a lot of very expensive vehicles in this region. A lot of industry experts advise Thai car owners to forgo comprehensive cover, if they own a fairly cheap vehicle. It is often a better idea to replace a cheap car if it is written off, rather than spend years paying comprehensive premiums on it.

Younger drivers should expect to pay higher insurance premiums in Thailand and across mainland Asia, say the experts at OrientExpat.com. Just like in Britain, drivers under twenty five years are considered to be a much bigger risk than older drivers. It doesn’t matter whether this is fair or unfair, because it is standard practice. If you do happen to be a very young driver – why not think about using the public transport system, until you get older and your insurance premiums drop?

It will be a frustrating wait, but it is likely to be worth your patience and foresight. For information and advice on finding an affordable Thailand car insurance policy, visit Direct Asia. This company will be able to offer you a reliable car insurance quote, for a reasonable price. If you are planning a move to Thailand, it can also help you to organise your health insurance.

There’s nothing too complicated about car insurance in Thailand, or the rest of mainland Asia. As long as you follow the rules of the road and drive carefully, your motoring adventures can continue without a hitch in your new home. Be responsible, be safe and treat the road with the respect that it deserves. If you fail to do this, you may end up getting involved in a nasty accident, and that’s the very last way that you want your new life to start.

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