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What Is The Role Of A Public Relations Agency?

What a PR Agency Does Not Do

  • They don’t buy ads.
  • They don’t write up stories for news reporters.
  • They don’t erect billboards.
  • They don’t generate catchy phrases to entice people to buy products that they’re not in need of.

What a Public Relations Agency Does Do

A PR agency, rather than an advertising agency, promotes individuals and/ or companies via a form of editorial coverage. This is referred to as “free” or “earned” media, and includes stories that appear in newspapers, in magazines, on websites, and on television programs. It does not involve advertising or paid media.

PR agencies such as FinemanPr.com, as well as advertising agencies, have the same goal: That is to promote their clients with the aim of making them seem as though they are important, honest, successful or as relevant to a particular scenario as possible. Nevertheless, for PR agencies and advertising agencies, the pathway to creating that awareness is very different.

Generally, people understand that advertising is paid for by a client, and thus, that advertising can be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. TV appearances or written articles which are seen in respected publications certainly have an advantage here in that they have third-party validation, which means they are viewed more favorably overall.

The tactics of various PR agencies include at least some of these:

  • Speech writing.
  • Writing and distribution of press releases.
  • Writing pitches – which are not as formal as press releases – about companies, that are then passed on to journalists.
  • Creation and execution of special events that have been designed for media relations and public outreach.
  • The conducting of market research on a company.
  • The expansion of various business contacts through personal networking or making attendances to and sponsoring of events.
  • Strategies involving crisis public relations.
  • Copy writing and writing blog content for the internet (external and internal websites).
  • Promotions involving social media and making responses to negative feedback on the internet.

Companies and individuals should consider hiring a public relations agency if they wish to enhance, protect, or to build their reputation through media sources. A good PR practitioner or agency will analyze the organization, locate the positive messages, and then translate those messages to formulate positive stories which can be released to the media.

If the news is bad, on the other hand, an agency can put together the optimal response and by so doing, mitigate at least some of the damage that’s been done.

A good agency represents a strategic partner that helps their clients to successfully communicate with their individual audiences. A good agency is also one that listens closely to the marketplace and it understands how to start a positive conversation, while also being aware of what will not work.

You should consider, prior to hiring an agency, just how well they can push forward with your campaign without offending anyone. Think about if they’d make for an innovative partner, or are they merely a “yes man” type of company.

It’s advisable to also look for what will be the best cultural fit. Does the agency lead the conversation?

An effective publicist will have a plethora of beneficial relationships with numerous journalists that work in an array of variable industries. Many pros in the PR world are in fact former journalists, and thus, they understand the best ways to put forward a story and also to reach reporters and editors. And because they are not employees of the company they work for, they can provide honest, outsider views as well as a good take for the type of story ideas that will likely work well.

The relationship that is forged between a client and an agency ought not to be passive. The client must inform their agency about the messages they would wish to promote and also make some suggestions as to where they would wish them to appear.

Not many stories actually make the front page of the San Francisco Examiner or the New York Times, though, when the media atmosphere includes a wealth of channels – television shows, websites, magazines, blogs, and other social media which is constantly evolving, a good PR agency can help their clients increase their visibility through increased recognition over very many highly respected editorial platforms.

Over the longer term, public relations will prove to be a brand investment as well as the visibility of the individual or firm which results in further recognition and increased reputation.

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