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What are the 5 Best Google Play Mobile Trading Apps?

Google Play mobile trading apps can help you with Forex portfolio management, trade execution, price feeds and expert analysis. Foreign currency exchange trading has been made much more efficient with the development of great Google Play mobile trading apps providing 24/7/365 functionality and access anywhere. What are the 5 best Google Play mobile trading apps?

Main Categories for Mobile Trading Apps

Forex trading requires the crunching of numbers, information and news quickly to determine the best timing for making profits. Most mobile trading apps qualify under one of these four main categories:

  • Portfolio management
  • Trade execution
  • Real-time asset price feeds
  • Expert analysis

Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile

Display your portfolio and execute Forex trades anywhere with Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile can set your Free Forex Signals. This is a solid app for checking prices, watching videos online and calculating how much you made for the day.

Free Forex Signals

Every trader has his favorite trading principle, like Elliott Wave or MACD, and you can set your Free Forex Signals to display prices. View colorful charts, customize the signals and time your trades to pocket your Forex profits with this free app.


Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor has won awards as the “Best Mobile Platform” for its wide variety of trading and technical analysis. Choose from more than 100 FOREX streaming charts, 16 stock exchanges and even a chart for the latest craze – BITCOIN. You will be able to recognize patterns quickly with this app.

Daily Forex News & Analysis

Successful Forex traders use the latest news and information to guide their trades. With the Daily Forex News & Analysis Google Play app, you will be able to “read the pulse” of the Forex markets. You can select from “Recent Articles,” “Technical Analysis,” “Fundamental Analysis,” or “Forex News” pages. This version has just been updated.

iForex Mobile Trading Platform

And finally, the makers of the iForex Mobile Trading Platform know that traders need a clear display, solid features and not too many extraneous details to make Forex profits. This sleek user interface offers great functionality. View your “Trade,” “Positions,” or “Wallet” with one click. The iForex Google Play mobile trading app has received impressive reviews.

Forex Apps for Successful Trading

A good carpenter uses hammer and nails to complete his work. Likewise, a good Forex trader uses his favorite Google Play mobile trading app to make money. You never know what the Forex market will do. With one of these 5 great Google Play mobile trading apps, you will be equipped with the tools to handle anything.

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