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Waste Management Techniques That Can Contribute to a Healthier Environment

Everyday new and better electronic devices and gadgets are getting introduced into the market. Combine this with the shelf life of electronic devices, and you get a lot of e-waste generated every year. E-waste can be in the form of printers, electronic equipment such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops. Many of these wastes get deposited in landfills which can pose as an environmental threat. Here is where E-waste management can help.

Importance of E-waste Management

Many of the electronic devices contain cadmium, lead and mercury. When such devices are deposited in landfills, these chemicals get leaked into the soil or released into the air when they are incinerated. Such chemicals can create a negative impact on the health of human, animal and plant life.

E-waste management works a bit differently from other forms of waste management. You can hire the services of construction dumpster rental companies to dispose of your e- waste. These companies are professionals and are well versed with the State laws.

In addition to hazardous elements, e-waste can also comprise of precious elements such as aluminum, copper, silver, gold, platinum and many more that can be recovered and reused.

Waste Management Techniques

Many of us do not know how to manage E-waste. This is the reason many of our electronic waste get accumulated at warehouses, desks or offices and later on get mixed up with regular waste and dumped at landfills.

Some of the waste management techniques that your company can follow to reduce e-waste are as follows:

  • Proper inventory management – Try and reduce both the quantity of excess raw materials and hazardous materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Volume reduction – Using techniques that can help in segregating and concentrating waste
  • Product and process modification – Review current operational procedures and try to come up with alternative techniques to improve their efficiency
  • Recovery and reuse – This process can help to recover waste both onsite and offsite.

Experts generally advice companies to manufacture electronic products that are environment friendly. This can be done in the while designing a product. Here is how this can be achieved:

  • Make use of less hazardous materials into the product
  • Make use of renewable energy or materials that are biodegradable such as bio plastics.

In order to reduce e-waste companies can even make use of non-renewable materials that can easily be reused or upgraded.

Contribution to E- Waste Management

The end users for any product or services are customers. When we purchase electronic devices or gadgets we can contribute by reducing e –waste in the following ways:

  • Look for products that make use of less toxic materials
  • Read the instructions carefully on how to dispose of products after their shelf life
  • Prefer to purchase products that help to conserve energy
  • Ensure that you attend E-waste management awareness programs


As a responsible citizen, it is our moral duty to prevent such health hazards and contribute in whatever way we can to dispose of E-waste by recycling them. So, the next time you purchase electronics, you know the essential factors to look out for.

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