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Using the Housing.Com Website to Obtain Home Loans

Housing.com is a real estate portal that is backed by technology to assess consumer demands. The portal started functioning as a house search website which evolved later as more and more service needs were realised.

These needs were assessed using analytics and were not based on whims. It is as a result of this process that the home loan section of housing.com was introduced to help home buyers fulfil their loan requirements from the same portal where they have been searching their homes.

The portal is simple to use and provides all the necessary requirements to apply for property loan online and then obtaining home loans directly from the website.

Details for Starters

Before one opts for home loans, housing.com provides a comprehensive housing loan guide to help all those who do not know much about taking home loans. This guide can be accessed from the home page of housing.com.

The details here have been laid down in simple English and start by explaining the common terms used in home loans. They are followed by a comprehensive explanation of the components of home loans.

Then one can find out everything that needs to be done before and after obtaining home loans. The guide also provides scenarios where an applicant might face difficulties and explains how those difficulties can be overcome. Examples of such a situation could be-what can a person do when the loan application is rejected; or what has the credit report got to do with obtaining home loans.

The guide does not merely deal with theoretical aspects of home loans. It also provides some basic practical understanding of what do the home loan plans entail and what are the best ways to service them.

The objective of this guide is to prepare the loan seekers for making independent choices when applying. To facilitate them, housing.com has tied up with some of the biggest names in the financial lending sector. These organizations can be reached from the website directly.

Applying for Home Loans

To facilitate the simpletons, there is housing.com’s loan eligibility calculator which allows an applicant to find out how much loan is he/she eligible for. These details can be obtained by filling in a simple form which seeks details of income. Based on this amount and the price of the selected house, this calculator informs the applicant how much down payment would have to be paid. Users can change loan duration as well as down payment amounts to find the preferred EMI range.

Once an individual has achieved the satisfactory duration, down payment amount and the EMI figures; the plans offering the similar loans are listed down in the same page. The name of the lending institution, interest rates and processing costs are mentioned one underneath the other. This also allows for easy comparison of various plans from various lenders.

If an applicant likes a plan, there is the option to apply for the loan directly from this page. Application can be filled in directly. It can be monitored later after the applicant logs in.

In Conclusion

Housing.com allows home buyers to search for home loan plans from its website. With some of the biggest loan companies provisioning loan plans, buyers finding it easy to know about their eligibility and can even apply for home loans if needed.

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