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Top 7 Features & Benefits of Multipurpose Business Checks

Multipurpose checks, as the name suggests, can be used for all types of payments. You can use them for paying your bills, for payrolls, taxes or for other expenses. These checks simplify your accounting. They are the ideal all-purpose small and middle-size business checks that make processes easier. You can pay off bills or your employees using the same checking account.

Features & Benefits

Your multipurpose checks are capable of handling all accounts payable. You can find cheap business checks which are already punched with the required information. There are many features and benefits of these checks that make them special and a must have.

  1. Preprinted Lines – These checks have preprinted lines that make them more legible and add to the convenience if you need to write checks by hand.
  2. Add Elaborate Details – Thanks to multiple stubs, you can add detailed information.
  3. Check Security – Many multipurpose checks come with built-in security features that add additional layer of protection. Some of the noticeable security features include the use of chemically sensitive paper, protection against erasure, microprint border, warning box, security screen, and in some cases even fluorescent fibers.
  4. Binder Compatible – Most check designs are compatible with binders.
  5. Choice of Numbering Systems – You can also find checks with different numbering systems. The two most commonly used systems are the consecutive and reverse. You can choose the one based on your printer settings.
  6. Customization – You can customize your multipurpose checks by choosing the color, the company logo, typeface, and second imprint color. You can customize these checks and add to your company’s professional image.
  7. Vouchers – Many designs are available with tear-off vouchers. Use these vouchers to maintain clear and elaborate details of the payment.

Advanced Security Features

Some of the advanced security features in these checks, which are usually optional include:

  • The microprint signature line turning illegible if the check is altered or copied
  • The chemically sensitive paper displaying stains when altered
  • Smearing or distortion in the background when altered
  • Disappearance of security screen/back on reproducing

Checks are one of the most widely used documents in businesses in Canada for sending out money. They make the process simple and secure by ensuring that only the desired party receives the payment into their accounts. Multipurpose business checks are considered the best option for both small and middle-sized businesses. They are highly flexible and simplify your business processes. You could also personalize them to enhance your overall professional image.

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