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Three Ways to Help Protect Your Credit Cards from Fraud

The risks of credit card fraud almost seem endless these days. Not only do you risk someone taking a photo of the card when you have it out of your wallet or purse to pay for something, but you run the risk of online scams and even security breaches at the stores you shop out.

It really seems like the only truly safe way to shop anymore is with cash. Even with cash you risk someone snatching your wallet. So what are you to do?

There are some ways you can at least use to keep an eye on your cards, including your debit cards, to catch fraud early and maybe save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Check Your Accounts Often

One sure way to catch fraud quickly is check your accounts on a daily basis. This way you can catch fraudulent charges when they happen and contact your cardholder to get your account canceled and straightened out before the thief empties the whole thing.

Most of the time, with all of the credit breaches that have happened at large stores, banks catch the fraudulent charges even before you do and quickly work to get you a new card with a new account number. But you shouldn’t strictly rely on the bank.

Be Careful Shopping Online

If you shop online, use Paypal to pay for most of your purchases so that your bank account and credit cards are not visible online. If you must use your credit or debit card online, make sure that the site you are shopping at is a secure site (https).

Take time to make sure that you are shopping at a reputable site. Not all online shopping is like using Ebay or Etsy. If you are shopping from a small site do some research to make sure they are real.

Always Have Protection

Another online shopping tip, including shopping with your phone or tablet, is to always have virus protection. This too will help hackers from stealing your credit card info. Virus protection does a lot more than just keep your computer running smoothly

Sign up for overdraft protection at your bank, as well. This can keep you from paying crazy fees when a fraudulent purchase overdrafts your account. Most banks will waive that charge in the chance of fraud, but it’s better safe than sorry.

According to Knopman Marks, experts in financial training, it can help if businesses have a red flag system that comes up that helps pinpoint identity theft and fraudulent purchases as they happen.

You can protect your accounts and still shop. There’s no way to completely avoid theft or fraud, but at least you can be aware and catch it right away! It’s better to take a few precautions and be prepared than be surprised when you get that note in the mail from the bank.

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