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The Enterprise Investment Scheme – Get The Best Out Of It

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is one investment option that is getting all the attention for the benefits that comes associated with it.

The financial world is highly volatile and it is hard to predict the course of direction things take in this particular area. The Enterprise Investment Scheme or EIS is one of the hot and happening that was introduced by the UK government with the intention of bringing in investment to companies all over the country. There have been a lot of things going around the EIS investment and it is important for one to be aware as to what it is exactly, the benefits that can be derived out of this scheme and the kind of impact it has got over many businesses.

Why EIS?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is created for helping companies and industries to function successfully all across the UK. It needs to be understood that a country which is self sustained with regard to industrial growth and development would be able to manage its political and social status. It is a well known fact that the United Kingdom does not have that much industry to support and the government has now come to understand the importance of industrial growth and has come out with this scheme. The scheme does not restrict itself to a particular area and is applicable from small to high range companies that are known to operate.

Benefits Offered

The benefits of or EIS or The Enterprise Investment Scheme is the series of tax exemption that it is known to offer for private investors as a compensation to the kind of risk they take by investing in the small to high risk trading companies. Here are some tax reliefs that are known to be provided under this scheme,

  • An upfront tax relief of 30% that goes to a maximum amount of £1 million
  • Inheritance tax relief of 100% for a minimum of 2 years investment
  • Tax free growth
  • Capital gains tax deferral
  • Relief on tax from loss of investment

These tax reliefs come across as a great relief for those of them who are investing in the private companies that are actually not listed in the stock exchanges.

Kuber Ventures – Why Popular?

Though the EIS system seems to be quite easy to handle superficially there are a lot of complications that are associated with it which needs to be taken care of appropriately. This is where the need for Kuber Ventures Limited comes into play. The company tops when it comes to handling all your EIS affairs at one go and is known to ease your burden to a great extent. It is the best and finest Platform for EIS investments and is known to offer exceptional professional support all along.

By going with Kuber, you will be having a thorough and well defined idea about how to manage your EIS portfolios efficiently and easily. These are definitely the best that you expect to see by making use of this excellent and highly professional platform would make life easy for those who are associated with this scheme.

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