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The Best Route to Cheaper Road Tax

Road tax is the amount that you pay per year in order to drive on the public roads; however there are ways that you can get a cheaper road tax. It actually depends on the type of car that you drive. You are able to find many cars that could allow you to have cheaper road tax. The amount of road tax that you will pay will actually depend on the car that you drive. The government will actually test the exhaust emissions. There is also a major shift towards going green which means that having an electric car or a hybrid car will equal you paying less road tax.

Reasons You May Pay Higher Road Tax

If you drive a car that can be classified as inefficient or the car is very old will need to pay more road tax.
There are new regulations in place that are meant to encourage the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions on light duty vehicles. If the car is able to show a conformity certificate then they will pay a lower road tax. However higher road tax will be given to those vehicles that are unable to show such a certificate.
You will also see a lower road tax when the car has been registered before the first of March 2001 and whose engine is not more than 1.549 litres in displacement, however when the engine is above the 1.549 litres then the car owners will need to pay a higher road tax.


When it comes to CO2 emissions there are variables. When the emissions are over that of 121 g/km then you will need to start paying road tax and if the emissions are more than 255 g/km then the maximum amount of road tax will need to be paid. When a vehicle runs on alternative fuels but the emissions that it is making are more than 101 g/km then road tax will be implemented.There used to be an exemption on cars that emitted over 180 g/km and that were registered between march the first 2001 and the end of march 2006 will now longer be exempted from paying the road tax. These cars included family cars like the Ford Focus.

Cheapest Road Tax Cars

There is a category of cars that states that some cars will not have to pay any road tax. This category includes cars that were registered before 1973. These cars do not pay road tax because they are not subject to the same standard of emissions.

The Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular cars in the UK due to its compact size and design. Another benefit of this car is that the emissions it produces means that it falls below the tax level.

Ford Fiesta

This is similar to the Polo in that it has a hatchback design and also has a low emission. It is not as low as the Polo but usually falls into the first tax band so you are able to enjoy a lower road tax.

Honda Insight Coupe Hybrid

This car is larger than that of the Fiesta and Polo but the hybrid keeps the emissions that it releases rather low and it will fit into the first tax band. There are actually many cars out there that you can buy and will result in having a lower road tax.

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