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Steps Entailed While Applying for Lawsuit Funding

Financial difficulty co-exists with different lawsuits. To strengthen the financial situation of plaintiffs, a number of companies in the country provide non-recourse legal funding, so that they continue the lawsuit and also pay bills for different daily expenses. These companies understand the need of the litigants well and approve funding immediately. There are many customized services provided by these companies that suit the specific need of applicants. This funding is provided for cases that are under the ambit of the personal injury law. If you have lost your job, or if your medical expenses are sky high during the course of the lawsuit, then this ready cash provided by these companies, can be of great help to you.

Details to be Mentioned

Often, lawsuits take couple of years to be over, and plaintiffs get their compensation after waiting for a long time. It takes less than two working days to approve the loan. First step for this availing this funding is filling up of the application form, or you can even call up the company. In the form, you need to mention

  • Your personal and contact details,
  • Details of the attorney attached to your case.
  • Nature of the claim.
  • Details of the case
  • Amount that you want to avail.

Factors for Approval


The representative of companies, upon receiving the application form, contacts the attorney of the plaintiff and scrutinizes different documents, which are involved in the case. They assess the merit of the case and if it has a win-win situation, then approve the funding. Applicants also have to sign a contract with the company for legal financing. Determinants of approval are

  • Ability of the defendant to pay the compensation.
  • String merit of the case.
  • Litigant should not be guilty.
  • Nature of damage or the injury.
  • Background of the applicant is also often sought by few companies.

Immediate Approval of Funds

Information that is sought by the companies is confidential, and you can be sure that the same will not be revealed, under any circumstances. Upon receiving different documents, the attorneys of these companies, review and assess the merit of the case and then processes tour application. Unlike other forms of traditional funding, poor credit score, verification of employment status or assessment of regular source of income are not entailed in this process. If your case suits the regulation of these companies then, the application is processed immediately, and you will receive an amount in the next forty eight hours at the most.

No Restrictions Imposed

No restrictions are imposed by these companies on the utilization of the fund that plaintiffs receive. You can avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy and eviction with this money. Expenses related to the lawsuit as well as other expenses can be covered by the lawsuit funding. Though few companies have the provision of funding almost ten to fifteen percent of the compensation amount as part of this funding, but few of them also have no limit for their esteemed clients. While applying, makes sure that you do not apply to different companies, as it reduces the chance of your plea been approved. Litigants do not have to undertake any risk in this process, as they need to pay only, if the win the case and get a fair compensation against their loss.

After the application has been approved by funding companies, you need to sign a contract with them. Normally, they send the contract through the attorney attached to the case. This also keeps your attorney in sync with the proceedings of the funding. Even after paying the funding company, the attorney, you will be left with a considerable amount of compensations. So, you can take care of different expenses. There are hidden costs are services charges applied in this process.

About James Osborne

James Osborne works in a company that provides lawsuit funding. He has elucidated the steps that plaintiffs should follow while opting for this funding. These steps are easy to follow and help them to get the fund soon.