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Some Facts Related to Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Bullion coins are probably the best investment idea for an investor looking to park money into any asset class. The fact that these are guaranteed by sovereign governments worldwide, is enough to calm down nerves of investors. Buying silver coins is tricky. The catch is in the older coins, where it is difficult to determine the amount of silver quotient. There is always the fear of dubious silver dealers quoting a higher price. In the process as an investor one might be cheated. To do away with such hazards one can always ponder over the idea of buying Canadian silver maple leaf coins.


It is one of the official bullion coins of the government of Canada, which was introduced in the market in the year 1988. It was a good nine years after the first gold maple leaf coin was produced. Today they produce these silver coins from two locations. They are Ottawa and Winnipeg. The Ottawa location is for people who prefer fashionable coins. However, for volumes one can look up to the Winnipeg location. But this does not mean that these coins are restricted to the borders of Canada. There is dealer’s selling these coins all over the place. With most of them having online presence locating someone within one’s vicinity is defiantly not a problem.

The demand for such coins is always on the increase. Facts have shown that in the year 2009 the production was at 9.7 million. In the year 2010 it witnessed a massive growth and stood at a whooping 17.8 millions coins minted. The quantity of silver in the coin is extraordinary high. It stands at 99.99%. The design of this silver coin is special. Canada has accepted the British Monarch as its own. Hence, the front features the image of Queen Elizabeth. The maple leaf is the symbol of Canada. Therefore, the back of the coin features the symbol of a maple leaf. Hence, it derives its name from there.


As mentioned earlier there is no dearth of dealers trading in such coins. However, one must be careful and opt for someone who has the reputation and a bit of experience in this profession. They can be trusted to follow ethics are quote a fair price while dealing with customers. Moreover, these reputed firms will give investors a buyer guide, which will allow investors a proper insight into the benefits of buying silver. Besides, sales executives working for them can be trusted to guide the customer properly and advice something based on his/her personal requirements. The Canadian 5 dollar silver coin is another bullion coin that is worth buying. It is amongst the most popular silver coins of the Canadian government. Like other bullion coins it is also guaranteed by the government of Canada.

This coin is also available amongst dealers all over. With most dealers presenting online purchase options buying these coins is hardly a worry. One can always ring up the contact number and seek help if there is a requirement. Once the purchase formalities are over they can be trusted to look into shipping options. However, as an investor it is always better to buy from dealers, who are insured. If there are any casualties in the shipping process, then dealers who are insured can be expected to get reimbursements from the insurance companies. As a client one will not suffer.

However here is a word of caution. Precious metals in bullion format are always a bit more costly than in any other format. This is because the price of bullion is included in the overall product. However, the fact that bullion is guaranteed by sovereign governments should be enough to offset any negative impact that the slightly higher priced bullion may have generated. A precious metal in bullion form is also ideal for investors who are looking to park money in some place where there is growth and safety. And when one considers these factors the Canadian silver maple leaf coins have rarely disappointed.

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