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Salesforce Merge Leads Tool

Salesforce merge leads function is one of the best data quality tools present in Salesforce. It goes beyond the simple function of deleting a record which is duplicated. You are able to create a single record through this function which is an aggregate record of all the multiple records and all the related lists are preserved. The record result after the Salesforce merge leads action is more information rich than any of the individual records before the merge action. The only limitations of this process are that it is a manual process and you can only merge up to 3 records at a single time. Let us go over the process of performing a Salesforce merge function for duplicated leads.

How To Perform Salesforce Merge Leads For Duplicate Records?

The first step in the process is to find the Salesforce duplicate leads in the Salesforce instance. There is a separate process for finding the duplicates in Salesforce. After you have performed searching for duplicate leads in Salesforce, look at the results coming from it and analyze if the records are truly duplicate or not. If you find that they are duplicates check each box in front of every record you want to merge. You can select only 3 records at a time at present and check only records which you want to be the part of the merge activity.

  • Click the Merge button and you will be presented with the screen for merge records. You should know the following rules of Merge here-
  • If one record has blank field and the record to be merged has data to that field, Salesforce will select the field which has value by default.
  • Salesforce will not present the option of choosing the option you like when data exists in the same field of 2 records and the data is similar in both.
  • Salesforce will present you with the option of the value to keep when there is different data in the two records for merging. So you can select which record to keep in this scenario.
  • If there are hidden or read only fields then Salesforce will retain the values of the fields in the lead record which you select as the Master record.

After knowing the above rules and taking the appropriate action click the Merge button and you will receive the ‘Are you sure…” screen where you can select ‘Yes” if you want to complete the Merge function. It is to be noted that the Merge function cannot be reversed after it is executed successfully.

Final Outcome

The final outcome of using Salesforce merge leads tool is the combination of the data and a single merged record exists which is more information rich than individual records.

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