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Retirement Planning in 2014

One of the disadvantages of retirement planning is the complacency and forgetfulness. Many companies deduct money from payroll to contribute to retirement fund, so people think that is all what can do. The fact is this isn’t always the case. It is not necessary that you need to be panic about your old age financial, but it is important to pay attention about the market dynamic and invest in long-term assets.

Boost Your Retirement Contributions

Many companies deduct automatically certain amount to retirement fund; also you can deduct a specific amount that is automatically deducted from your salary. The question is how much you raise your contribution from your joining? From your salary increment, make sure you also raise your retirement contributions.

Revisit Your Asset Allocation

Investment is necessary but it is equally important to chalk down the risk in the investment. Also don’t govern by emotions while taking any decisions on investment, so evaluate all the options and scale back the possible risks of your investment.

There are also tendencies of people to hover between two or three investment, and in the process they lose some vital investment plans. So, it is important to study comprehensively all the investment plans.

Check Your Projected Income Sources

You certainly have various income sources, but have you ever projected those sources.

  • Social security account to evaluate your disability, survivors and retirement benefits. Moreover, you can calculate your earnings record and medical taxes you have paid till date.
  • There are possible inheritances you might get in future. Also keep a tab on those possibilities.
  • Calculate your saving with retirement calculators.
  • Calculate your asset and sale of real estate, personal properties such as jewelry, gold, bonds etc.
  • Life insurance values.
  • Money from investments through stock, bonds etc.


Stress-test Your Retirement Finances

Be positive but look at the worst-case scenario in your future. Same with your investments and look at your present situation whether you will be able to pay in future. Suppose, a loss of 30 percent would lead you to a bad situation, then you need to think from the scratch.

Sign up for Medicare on Time

Medicare premium increases with increase in age, so it is important to sign up for medicare on time to avoid extra payment.

Check Your Projected Expenses

Your projected expense in your old age is as important as your investment planning. Some of the factors you need to consider before investment:

  • Rent (if you don’t have your own house)
  • Mortgage
  • Credit card debt
  • Loans (If any)
  • Taxes
  • Healthcare estimation including deductibles, supplemental insurance premiums etc.

Take a Gradual Transition into Retirement

Before your retirement, take time to think about your transition. If possible take any part time job before your retirement. This will help you to adapt in retirement days, also it will bring some extra income.

Decide Your Future How You Spend Your Time

It is as important as investment how you will psychologically prepare for the future. Prepare your retirement future based on your interest that you could enjoy in old age whether it is some sort of volunteering, traveling or relaxing. It is important to see how your expense might change in your old age.

Simplify Your Investments

Unless you are planning a complicated investment plan, it is recommended to simplify your investment portfolio. It is significant in old age to consolidate your multiple accounts, to manage statements.


Retirement investment is necessary, but it is more important to plan your retirement. There are lots of investment options, there are also tactics how you can save money. There is a vital psychological aspect during old age, which is crucial factor in old days. So, prepare yourself for retirement, simplify your investment and don’t miss the fun factor of retirement.

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