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Owner Problems? Here Is What You Need To Do

Have you ever looked for a 1 BHK for rent in Bangalore? If you did, you would know that you are in for a ride when it comes to owners. There are all kinds of owners and landlords, some of them are nice and it is easy to develop a healthy relationship with them, but there are others who are greedy, ruthless and also a little irrational when it comes to cooperating with you.

This does not only happen when you are looking for a 1 BHK doe rent in Bangalore, but also happens when you are looking for any kind of house. Here are a few scenarios that may occur, and we give you some solutions as to how you can make it better with the owner.

When He Asks You To Leave Without Notice

No owner is allowed to ask their tenant to leave without notice. You will have to make sure that you have a clause in your agreement about the same and also use that clause as a weapon to stay in the house for the notice period.

You know that he is being unreasonable and you cannot forcefully stay in his property without him liking it, but this gives you enough time and space to look for a new place before you leave. This notice period also serves as a space for you to reconcile with the owner and try to resolve the issues that you have with him so that you do not have to leave the place.

When He Does Not Get The House Painted At The Agreed Time Interval

This again is a clause in the agreement. You will have to hold that u against the man and also tell him to follow the rules that he had laid out for himself. This also holds good when he does not get the damages repaired in the home. You have a right to make him do it.

Just make sure that you have nit caused the damages and the costs that you are asking him to incur are genuine.

When He Arrives At Your Home without Notice

He needs to understand that the house may belong to him but he has rented it out to you for living there. He need to be respecting your privacy. You can actually sit him down and tell him these things. You will have to let him know that you are entitles to privacy in your own home.

Be careful when you do that, you will have to assure him that you are taking care of his property and you are up for periodic inspections, but you will not entertain him coming to the house every other day without purpose or notice.

When He Thinks He Can Order You Around

This is something many owners tend to do when they rent out their property. If you are the kinds who likes to help people, you will fall for it very soon. The owners will make weird demand out of you and make you do things for their personal gain. For example, he might ask you to arrange for an internship for his college going son. It is fine to help him out and try to make his son’s future brighter, but it is no obligation.

You owner needs to understand that you are not obliged to do him these favors.

When He Does Not Return Your Deposit Money

This happens very often when tenants are leaving. The owners tend to come up with unheard expenses that have been incurred because of the tenants and deduct it from the advance. This means that you are going to be at a loss when you leave the house.

This can be back tracked to the agreement where he has agreed to pay the advance in a particular manner and you can hold it up against him even in court.

All of these scenarios are very common and people tend to face owner trouble in all cities. All you need to do is to make sure that you develop a healthy relationship with your owner.

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