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Make Your Life Easy – Use Personal Cheques for Making Payments

The history of personal cheques, popularly defined as the negotiable instruments, can be traced back to when Romans used “praescriptiones” as a mode to make payments. Personal cheques come into the category of bill of exchange and were found to be one of the easiest ways to make payments as people saw that there was no need to carry large amount of money with them.

In the recent years, the popularity of credit cards and debit cards are continuously rising due to the convenience they offer. Because of this, it won’t be wrong to say that the personal cheques have suffered a great blow in their status as well as usage. People are using these plastic cards for purchasing instead of using cheques, be it a property purchase or shopping for clothes, furniture, grocery items, etc.

However, the importance in addition to the custom of personal cheques still prevails and it can be seen in the study, which recently revealed that the number of cheques written is over 33 billion per year in the world. It shows that people still trust in the ability of cheques and is using it on a large scale.

Advantages Offered By These Cheques

Your Finances Are Controlled

When you use any kind of personal cheques Canada, it becomes a lot easier for you to have a firm hold over your finances. The excess use of credit cards and debit cards can prove to be dangerous for you, as there is high possibility of you getting into debts. With these cards, you don’t think properly and many a times, make decisions in a haste thinking that there are cards to handle your situations.

This does not happen in case of personal cheques, as you have to write a specific amount on it and you cannot go over it as you can spend only the amount available in your bank.

Free Duplicate Cheques Or Check Registers

These will help you to track the money you are spending and give you a regular report on how much money is being spent. They are fast, more convenient and help you indirectly to get a grip on your money-spending spree. Duplicate cheques are alternatives to the check registers in case you don’t feel like carrying them with you. With these, you will know what amount of money you are spending and can later write them down in your register.

Real People, Real Payments

When you have to pay in person like in case of gifts, people you employed, rent, debts, etc., you cannot rely on credit or debit cards. Here, the personal cheques have proved to be more useful, time and again. You will come across various kinds of situations in real life where you will find that there is no use of these plastic cards and payment via cheques or giving money directly in hand is the only option.

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