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Learn How To Set Up A Web Hosting Business From Your Bedroom!


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It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is the reason a lot of companies are in business today. Take web hosting firms, for example. If the Internet and the World Wide Web did not exist, they wouldn’t have any services to offer!

Web hosting is an attractive online business to set up these days. That’s because it’s one of those sectors where you can make a decent profit for little effort and outlay. One might assume that the market is full of people offering web hosting services.

Are you thinking about setting up an online business? If so, you should consider becoming a web host. You don’t need to spend thousands buying expensive server equipment and leasing network connections.

The following guide will give you some pointers on how you can start a new web hosting business… From your bedroom!

Register Your New Business

Before you do anything, you will need to register your new web hosting business with your local tax authorities. I recommend doing some research to determine what business entity you should set up.

If you live in the U.S., check out the Business USA website for guides and useful information on starting up your new enterprise.

Domain Name and Website

Because web hosting is an online business by its nature, you will need to buy a domain name and set up a website for your new company. As with your business name, your domain name should be memorable. Your domain should also be as short as possible.

Make sure you pay a professional web designer to come up with an eye-catching site for you. It’s important to get people’s attention as soon as they visit your site. The last thing you want is for them to visit your competitors’ websites out of frustration or boredom!

Get A Reseller Hosting Account

The neat thing about setting up your web hosting business is you can just resell someone else’s! There are scores of “white label” hosts out there. To all intents and purposes, your customers only deal with you.

If there are any problems with their accounts, such as service issues, you can escalate them with your reseller. You bill your customers, while the reseller hosting company bills you for your account with them. It’s quite a straightforward arrangement.

You can set up quota limits so that you can offer different types of accounts to your customers. Policy enforcement ensures your customers don’t go over their disk space and bandwidth quotas.

Get A Reseller Domain Registration Account

Domain names and hosting go hand in hand. Companies like eNom let you sign up as a reseller so that you can offer domain registration services to your customers.

As with hosting, the domain registration process can get automated, so you don’t have to do a thing! All you need to do is ensure everything is working as it should. In fact, I would go so far as to say you could run such a business whilst holding down a full-time job!

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