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Keep Yourself Safe with Online Time Tracking

Online time tracking can protect both you and your company in a variety of different ways. Recently, this method of using a time clock online has become increasingly popular. Not only will you be able to access your employee records quicker and easier than ever, but your employees will also have easier access to the employment records. Online time tracking software provides solutions to common paper time clock problems that can keep both you and your company safe. It also provides an easier route for managing your employee payroll information, their records, and the hours they have worked.

Any error you may make in the amount of time an employee worked, whether it be an error in math or record keeping, can cost your company a lot of money. In fact, this same problem costs companies millions of dollars in legal fees, fines, and even over paying employees. Online time tracking software is designed to solve these problems. Not only does the software protect your company from legal fees and the burden of hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines, but it also keeps you from accidently overpaying your employees.

Every company is concerned about one major thing, how to save their company money so they can turn a bigger profit? Being able to properly manage the amount of time your employee’s have worked and making sure they are being paid for when they are working and that they are actually working during the time they are being paid for is a huge step in saving your company money. Online time management software is designed to allow your employees to clock in no matter where they may be. They can clock in and out from the job site, preventing you from paying for any unproductive time spent by your employees. Most online time management software uses GPS tracking systems to ensure that when your employees are on the clock, you know exactly whether or not they are on the site of the job. This helps with more than just payment issues. It can be an effective way to judge the character of those you have hired because you will be able to discern whether or not an employee is being dishonest about their time. If they tell you they forgot to clock out on their break, but are all the way across town, you know that this was probably not a simple misjudgment because they would have known they did not have time to make the drive back. You can review the reports and records at any time and easily adjust anything that needs to be changed before you approve the time sheet. Online time tracking software also minimizes the amount of errors that occur in mathematics, because the software automatically does the calculations for you.

Employees also have the chance to review their time and request that any revisions take place they feel are necessary. They request these changes electronically, meaning the chance of losing a request in paper format is eliminated. This software stores all records online or backed up through cloud to ensure that they are accessible and can be found in the event a computer crashes or a tragedy hits the office. Records are protected from most of the damage and destruction paper records are subjected to. All employee records are current and can be reviewed from anywhere. These records can be accessed through any device that has been approved, including your smart phone.

Online time management software also automatically generates payroll reports and pay slips. You can easily view what employees were paid for during any certain period of time by utilizing pay roll reports, and employees can access their information through pay slips. These methods allow everyone working in the company to have easy access to files they need, without the hassle associated with paper records.

Audit is also easier thanks to online time management software. Most companies tread the idea of an audit occurring within their facility, but online time management software makes the process of an audit a lot less intimidating. Your employee’s pay records are backed up daily and can be accessed quickly and easily using online sources. Everything contained within these records is readable and easily understandable. Online time management software protects both you and your company from troublesome situations by providing a convenient, easy and reliable method to track employee’s time and the amount they have been paid. Not only does it protect you and your company, but this software also makes life at the office easier in general.

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