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Information on the Biggest Stock Exchange

Stock market is the one organization where the shares of most public companies are issued and traded at a price that is initially agreed upon and can change later. There are many stock exchanges or stock markets which brings organizations selling stocks and investors or buyers together. The largest stock market in the world by far is the New York Stock Exchange. The New York Stock Exchange or the NYSE is the largest stock exchange in the world on both the important aspects of trade value and market capitalization. NYSE is headquartered in New York and operated by NYSE Euronext. This stock exchange features more than 8000 listed issues. This stock exchange is considered to be the premier listing venue internationally for all of the leading companies large and medium sized.


NYSE is the reason the Wall Street is now known all over the world as the building of NYSE is situated on 11, Wall Street in the lower Manhattan area of New York City. The array of products featured by the New York Stock Exchange is quite extensive and covers most areas of financial products like futures, options, cash equities and bonds. It also dabbles efficiently in ETPs. The market capitalization of this stock exchange has been calculated at an overwhelming figure of 16.613 trillion US dollars as of May 2013.

Founded on 1817, NYSE has continued to rule the roost in the stock market. It comprises of around 90 percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index and 82 % of the S&P 500 index. It also follows the NYSE composite index. NYSE is followed by another stock exchange in the New York City of US – NASDAQ OMX in terms of market capitalization. Following NASDAQ is the internationally renowned Tokyo Stock Exchange which has Tokyo as its headquarters.

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