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How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

It’s a known fact that businesses use up a lot of energy, with some having a much larger carbon footprint than others. Although many businesses today are making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly, many are still not doing enough to make a serious reduction to their energy use ‘Going green’ is something that many businesses like to say that they are doing, and if you’re a business owner who’d like to proudly say you own an environmentally friendly business, check out these top tips to help you reduce the amount of energy your business uses.


If you don’t already recycle, now is the time to. If your business is mainly office based you will have many recyclable items such as paper, and it’s important to integrate a strict recycling process and ensure that each of your employees knows what items are for the recycling bin rather than general waste. Having different and clearly marked bins for recycling purposes is just one effective way in which to do this.

Minimize Electrical Consumption

If your business uses a lot of electricity, work to keep this use down to a minimum in order to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Some businesses will use more electricity than others, but whichever end of the scale your business is on, there are ways to make significant reductions. For example, using energy saving light bulbs, having electronic devices on a timer, and training your staff to be vigilant about switching off electronics when not in use are all good ways to begin reducing electrical consumption. You can also reduce electricity use by carefully choosing the consumable products that you buy – for example a welding business might want to choose consumable welding supplies that are designed to be eco-friendly – learn more here.


Encourage your employees to not only reduce the carbon footprint but also their own by suggesting alternative methods of transport when getting to and from work, or even setting up a carpool scheme so that only one car is used for multiple employees. Alternative transportation schemes are often attractive to employees due to the fact that not using their car will save them money on gas, and offering prizes or sponsorship to employees willing to cycle to work for a month for example will often go down well.


If the building in which your business is based takes a lot of heating, this is a factor which is contributing to your overall energy use and could be getting in the way of reducing your carbon footprint. Check the building for any air leaks and drafts that could be a way for heat to escape, and seal them to see a reduction on your energy bill. Double or even triple paned windows are also a good option for trapping both hot and cold air in when needed, and could be a worthwhile investment that will not only reduce your business’ carbon footprint but your energy costs as well.

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