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How to Make Money by Personal Blogging or Blogging for Others

Work from home and other online internet jobs are something people talk a lot about these days. Most of them are confused whether blogging can also help them earn some (or a lot more) money. Well, if you also aspire to become rich or earn money part time with blogging, here are few tips that will certainly help you.

Have Patience

Before starting a blog keep one thing in mind that this is not going to be an easy task. You not only need to be consistent, but patient too. Online money comes with good luck and of course hard work. If you are willing to spend enough time on your blog or if you are working for someone else or if you are patient enough to wait long only then you should opt for this mode of money making.

Establish Your Blog First

No one is going to pay you anything unless you have a good traffic on your blog. There are several money-earning methods such as pay per click or paid advertisement, but they pay so less that you will absolutely need a good following to earn something decent. You might be aware of the fact that a blog does not become successful overnight. Therefore, first establish the blog and then look for something to earn.

Earn On CPM Basis

If you are a new blogger, you should know that most of the payment done on the internet is on CPM basis that is Cost per Million. For example, if you manage to get 1000 clicks on your banner ad, you can get anything from $3 to $30 based on what the company is offering you.

However, you need to have network traffic of let’s say more than 50 lakh per month to earn a decent amount. Otherwise, you will be stuck with just a few hundred bucks in your hand, which would not be enough to even pay your plan money.

Use Your Interest

You can also pay your interest once you get enough views on your page. If you are a well-qualified person, you can also share lectures and videos, which will not only help others, but also help you earn more money.


Blogging is not easy money. The key to earn more is being patient and consistent. Just follow these tips and you can earn decent amount via blogging.

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