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How to Compare Spread Betting Brokers for Profitable Trading in Spread Betting?

If you say that the spread betting has four pillars then those pillars are knowledge, experience, funds and broker. The broker may be considered one strong pillar for spread betting and if you select the wrong broker then it will surely affect your success rate. The broker may serve as your online guide who will be there to solve all your queries related to trading and would also offer tips for future market trend. The traders usually compare spread betting accounts before finalising any broker to carry out their trading operations. The comparison of the broker may sound quite simple but actually it is not just limited to single point comparison and hence the comparison process may require comparison of various aspects to make the comparison really work. You may study the points given here to compare spread betting accounts as these points cover almost all the aspects of good spread betting broker.

The quick comparison guide for Spread Betting Accounts


Scope for Diversified Portfolio

The diversified portfolio is the best way to make your trading work and hence you should invest in different markets to make your portfolio work. This is possible only if your broker offers investment option for various markets. Thus, you should always compare the brokers for the number of trading markets they support. Some brokers allow trading on only few markets and hence your trading opportunities may get limited to just those markets, which will eventually reduce your profit margin. So, make sure your broker has huge variety of trading market on board for you.


Though the trading position would be solely trader’s decision, the broker may still play an important role in making it profitable. The brokers do offer regular tips regarding the possible market movement and which direction the market will move. The tips offered by an experienced broker may always count more than the tips offered randomly. The panel of experts recruited by the broker may also decide the performance of the trader as their guidance counts. Hence, you may check the past records of the broker and the performance chart when you compare spread betting accounts.

Online Platform

The online platform that you work on should be user friendly else your precious time will get lost in learning the technicalities. The demo transaction can be carried out on the broker’s online platform before entering into any contract so that you get the best platform to work on. The online customer support offered by the broker would also be the decision factor as the online help is always considered handy help.

Commission Structure

The commission charged by the broker may reduce your profit margin and so select the broker based on the commission structure. All brokers charge some commission per transaction but the one charging very high commission is not good as it will control your transaction due to reduced profit margin. You may check the commission structure with each broker and then decide the broker based on the ratio of commission charged and services offered.

Now if you are ready to appoint your spread betting broker then profit making is just few steps away.

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