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How to Choose the Best Domestic Travel Insurance in India

Unforeseen emergencies can ruin your well-set travel plan. While on a holiday, you might fall sick or lose some essential valuables. In such critical cases, travel insurance come handy. For regular travelers, it is always advisable to purchase a travel insurance cover in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. A travel insurance scheme always keeps you well-armed and makes your trip enjoyable and memorable. If any major obstacle comes in the way of your travel plan then it makes sure everything is back on the track. As a safety net, travel insurance policy prevents you from going through a monetary crisis while you are on a peaceful expedition.

A standard travel insurance scheme covers the common risks associated with domestic or overseas trips. Travel insurance plan usually provides coverage for medical costs, trip cancellations or both. In a typical travel insurance policy, you will find the following key features:

Emergency medical evacuation– It may happen that you or any of your family members falls severely ill abroad and requires instant medical treatment. Since it is not possible to avail medical facilities in a foreign land, the sufferer has to be immediately shifted to the home country. In such a circumstance, your travel insurance plan covers the cost of the travel tickets and ensures a safe return.

Medical exigency– It clears all your medical expenses incurred due to a critical illness or a major accident. Some policy schedules takes into consideration the cost of diagnostic tests and outpatient care.

Accidental death or disablement– It provides monetary benefits to your beneficiary in case of an accidental death during a vacation or an official trip. Travel insurance coverage also extends to permanent disablement resulting from a major mishap.

Loss of baggage– It provides compensation for the permanent loss of baggage and other personal belongings.

Delayed baggage– It pays for the essential items such as clothes, medicines and toiletries till you receive your travel belongings.

Cancellation or interruption of trip- The insurance company reimburses the cost of your travel tickets in case of a delay or curtailment.

Personal liability– It covers the damages of the third party, including bodily injury, accidental death and loss of property incurred by the insured.

Overseas funeral costs– If the insured has an unfortunate death abroad then the insurance company will cover the funeral expenses and repatriate the remains to the home country.


Domestic travel insurance plan is valid only in the home country. It gives the same kinds of benefits to the policy owners but only within the domestic boundaries. In order to choose the best domestic travel insurance in India, you have to take the following steps:

Shop around

There are various travel insurance policies that give additional benefits to the holders. Conduct a thorough online research and find out all the features.

Compare different insurance policies

There are umpteen travel insurance schemes that provide the standard benefits. However, only with the help of an insurance comparison portal you can come to know about the optimal benefits, additional facilities, exclusions and limitations of several insurance plans.


Once you have made your choice, you can securely procure the policy online without moving out of your seat.

So, if you want to compare travel insurance in India then visit a well-qualified insurance portal and get the most affordable deal.

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