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Easy Perks to Offer Employees for a Better Working Environment

Keeping your employees happy is key to a successful business. No one wants to work somewhere they feel miserable. A company that doesn’t treat its employees well could end up finding it difficult to hire staff. Or they could end up with a team who do the bare minimum work required. Many firms go above and beyond to provide for their employees. They don’t just make sure that they aren’t unhappy, but helping them to thrive. Employees who love their place of work are more likely to put their all into their job. Modern startups have begun to offer inventive perks to their staff, from yoga studios to on-site restaurants. But sometimes the perks that have been around for a long time are enough. The following perks are some of the most popular with employers and employees. They could help you to create a better work environment in your company.

Help Getting to Work

One of the things that employees most appreciate is anything that makes doing their job easier. Work always blurs into people’s personal lives. Anything that helps to separate the two can improve someone’s experience at work. Helping to do this could involve providing an employee with a company car. Or it could be as simple as using a commercial laundry service to wash staff uniforms. It could even include something more complex. For example, you could offer counseling services to employees to help them overcome problems in their work and personal life. You want your employees to make it to work happy and healthy and ready to take on the day.

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Fitness Benefits

You don’t need to have an on-site yoga studio or gym to provide fitness benefits to your employees. Helping your staff to stay physically fit will keep their minds active. Giving them ways to work together too can increase camaraderie among your team. Gym memberships and subsidies are a common health perk in many businesses. But you can do other things to encourage physical activity in employees too. Some companies allow staff to track their progress or form a team online, so they can motivate each other.

Time Off

If there’s one thing that all employees appreciate, it’s time off. The average paid vacation in the US is just two weeks per year, but employees who are happy with their jobs tend to have more than that. Vacation time allows for employees to recharge and relax, returning to work refreshed and ready to get back into action. But it’s not just vacation time that’s important. The flexibility of sick leave, parental leave and other types of time off are important to employees too. Some companies even offer paid sabbaticals or have adjusted their working week to only four days. Allowing employees time to live their personal lives leaves them more likely to bring their all when they come into work.

Of course, as well as some of the more common perks, your business can offer some more interesting benefits too. Employees in modern companies enjoy anything from scooters to get around the office to company vacations.

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