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Combatting Absenteeism in Your Business


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Office absenteeism is a difficult issue to tackle. In most cases, employees only take time off work when they really need to. Contrary to popular believe, most people aren’t lazy. As human beings, we like having a purpose, and we like to keep as busy as we can. However, it can be a cause for concern if you’re an employer.

If people are taking an unusual amount of time off work, there might be something more going on than meets the eye. The trick is to be firm yet understanding. You need all your staff working each day if you want to succeed, but everyone hits hard times now and then.

Big businesses can absorb absences easily enough but for small companies they can be devastating. You’ll never succeed in wiping them out completely. But there are ways in which you can try to keep your workers coming through the doors each morning.

Motivate and Resolve

Companies with high employee satisfaction levels also tend to have lower levels are absenteeism. This isn’t a coincidence. If people like coming to work each morning, then they will come. There’s no need for overthinking here – give your employees good reasons to be in your office.

The motivation can be as simple as improving their environment. Give them a new chair or decorate the room to make it more inviting. You don’t have to employ some fancy morale boosting executive, just do the obvious stuff.

If there are any workplace conflicts between individuals, move quickly to root these out and end them. One of the biggest reasons for skipping work is a dislike of a colleague.

Offer Extra Help

The first step to take before you can help an employee out is to talk to them. You need to identify the cause of the problem, and then, often, you’ll be able to help out. If they have a small child who is unwell, you could work out a way to have the child cared for in the workplace. This way you can keep the employee in the workplace and ease their worries about the child.

Other ideas include offering help with physical and mental health care. Employers can sign the whole office up to an employee assistance program, like those provided by Health Assured.

Make Your Position Clear

If getting through to an employee with a bad attendance record and trying to help them out doesn’t work, you’ll be forced to make your position clear. In rare cases, it may be that employees don’t come into work because they feel like they can get away with it.

Having a strict policy on absences can help this. You must give everyone a chance to explain their absences first, but if they can’t, give them a warning. After each warning, they should receive a new, and more severe, penalty, with the final one being the sack. If you do this, you’ll find that those who are having days off for the fun of it will quickly stop.

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