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Things to Know About the Coverage and Exclusions in BMW Warranty

A lot of people are now moving towards buying luxury cars and BMW is most sought after for its reliability. However, this does not mean that there is no need for a warranty or insurance for your vehicle. With a ...

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Some of the Top Tips For Cheaper, Better Car Insurance

These days, you have insurance cover for everything including your house, business, health or even your car. Insurance is the basic need. People forget to insure their cars and only remember after getting into an accident. Having insurance from the ...

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Know the Discounts on Car Insurance and Make the Right Decision

Car insurance is an indispensible part of every one’s life because in an event of road accident, the insurance company covers the damages done to your car. Despite of this, people ignore buying this product as it may cost them ...

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Seven Most Common Misconceptions about Auto Insurance

Like every good thing, there are many misconceptions related to auto insurance. People are surrounded by doubts for considering such insurance coverage but you don’t have to worry about anything because these are the seven most common misconceptions that you ...

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