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Can a Patent Attorney be Useful for Protecting Your Company’s Inventions?

A lot of companies invent new products that no-one else has made before. These are products that might get used in-house, or they could get sold to consumers. To stay competitive, companies will often hire industry experts to help come up with solutions to problems.

These experts will often work on top-secret projects to improve existing processes. They can also come up with new ideas that are viable for mass production. If you run a company, chances are it will have invented a new way of doing something.


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The only downside to inventing stuff that other people haven’t is industrial espionage. It’s a problem that is rife in the business world. Big-name companies have been known to spy on each other to learn about what the other party is up to.

To protect their ideas, companies have a range of options at their disposal. One of which is applying for a patent. The subject is complex and often expensive to those untrained in the world of intellectual protection. That’s why it usually makes sense to hire a patent attorney.

But should you consider hiring one for your invention. In almost all cases, the answer will be yes. Here’s why:

They aren’t Just Lawyers

The first thing to note is that patent lawyers aren’t just lawyers in the traditional sense. Sure, they’ve studied a lot and are qualified in what they do. But you might be shocked to learn that pretty much all patent lawyers come from various walks of life!

It’s not uncommon for scientists, engineers and even doctors to forge a career as a patent lawyers. And, you know what? These people are well-placed for such an occupation! Their skills and experience help them to have a thorough understanding of what you have invented.

When you hire patent attorneys at londonip.com, for example, it’s easier to work with people that have an understanding of what you built. That way, you don’t have to waste time telling them how your invention solves a specific problem.

They Work with all Sorts of People

It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or an international corporation. Patent attorneys work with people from all walks of life and don’t discriminate. Some people are averse to dealing with legal professionals.

But when you hire a patent attorney, it can feel as though you’re working with a friend! They are there to help you protect your idea, and aren’t out to rip anyone off. Because if they did, they soon wouldn’t have a business!

They are Business Experts

If your company invents a new product, it will doubtless want to make and sell that product to consumers. Patent attorneys know the business world like the back of their hands!

It makes them well-placed to offer helpful advice, tips and information to help you get your idea from concept to completion.

I hope today’s blog post has offered a valuable insight into the world of patent attorneys. Thanks for reading it, and see you soon!

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