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Avoid These Costly HR Mistakes


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When you’re running a small business, you take on a variety of important roles. From legal processes to marketing and everything in between, you have a direct role in everything your business does. HR is just one of the things you need to manage. A lot of business owners can fall into bad habits in this area, and make some pretty bad mistakes. Here are some common HR management mistakes you need to avoid.


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The first big HR mistake you could be making is brushing over your recruitment drives. If you don’t put enough resources into finding the right people for the job, you could be building up a full-blown HR disaster. When you’re in the start-up period, it can be easy to recruit people that you know already. However, you should really be looking outside your circles for the best possible employees. Make sure you run background checks, call references and verify everything that candidates claim on their CVs. Hiring underqualified or inexperienced people to your firm can end up being extremely costly. Make sure you maintain strict standards in your recruitment, and you’ll save yourself all kinds of trouble.


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Another critical mistake is not addressing issues in employee performance. No matter how strict you are in your recruitment, you’re going to run into issues in employee performance. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! However, you should always address these issues in the best way possible. When you see performance problems come up, don’t wait around or hope that they’ll go away by themselves. Waste no time in talking to the employee in question, and getting to the root of the issue.


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Sometimes the problem isn’t the employer being too lenient, but not having the means to monitor performance. Finding some kind of HR management tool can help organise the whole process in this case. When dealing with performance issues, remember to take records as well. This way, you’ll have something to lean on if you need to fire anyone!


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Finally, don’t neglect to look into employment law. This is one of the toughest, most complex things a HR manager has to deal with. However, it’s also one of the most important! Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with sexual harassment and bullying cases. If and when these things happen though, you need to be aware of how to handle it. Find out the legal definition of some of these common workplace crimes, and your position in them as a business owner. Know when to make an informed decision yourself, when to seek legal counsel, and so on. It may be worth brushing up on your mediation and conflict management skills. It’s kind of a given, but make sure you comply with health and safety regulations too! A single employment law slip-up can completely ruin a business.


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Avoid these HR mistakes, and you’ll save yourself all kinds of trouble further down the line. You’ve probably got a lot on your plate already. However, when you take care of your employees, other areas will take care of themselves.

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