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Stephanie Rosen is a financial market analyst and a blogger. She writes about stock market and investment opportunities around the world. You can find her latest ideas on here. Just signup our news letter today and receive regular updates of Stephanie.

What Google Can Teach Us about HR

Source: Wikimedia As I’m sure you’re aware, Google is one of the biggest success stories of the past few decades. Most of us depend on their world-renown search engine for every time we want to find anything out, and several ...

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How to Create a Business Presentation That Stands Out for a New Project

When you’re starting on a new business project, you’re going to have to come up with several presentations that lay out your business plan for potential investors, as well as convince your target market of its value too. It goes ...

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Investing in Online Retail – Understanding Consumer Trust

There was once a time where, if you wanted to invest in retail, you either bought a physical retail store or funded one. While many consider this to be a pre-internet era, it’s important to note that even as the ...

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Online Forex Trading With Plus500

We don’t have to remind you folks that we live in the era of the extreme financial depression- you already know this from your personal experience. You also know that searching for the additional job is now like some kind ...

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Tips for Financing the Business of Your Dreams

Many people think about going into business for themselves, leaving behind the boss that annoys them, and leaving behind making money for someone else before themselves, but not everyone has the drive to do it, or the smarts to know ...

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Online Job Search Tips

These days almost anything can be done online. It may seem like you never need to leave your house because so much can happen. You can shop for groceries and household items that will be delivered to you, as well ...

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The Dangers Of Overspending In Your Business

A primary worry for business owners is how much money they’re spending. If you spend too much, then it can lead to additional worries. The problem is, a lot of people are unaware of the issues that come with overspending. ...

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Tips for Making Payday Loans Pain Free

All of us plan to have healthy finances. And more often than not we do. But there are occasions when we have to meet large unexpected expenditures. And that’s when our regular paycheck often can’t make ends meet. In those ...

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The Best Tips for Buying Off the Plan Property

If you’re involved with property investment, then you’ve probably heard of “off the plan” property before. When you buy an off the plan property, you’re paying for a piece of land before construction is incomplete. With some lots, the construction ...

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