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6 Huge Investment Mistakes You Might Be Making

Investing is a daunting and scary prospect. The act of putting your hard-earned money into the mercy of the market can be terrifying. However, it’s incredibly lucrative when you get it right. At Pbbg Stocks, we’ve been watching investors for years. We know what works and how good investors make their money. More importantly, we’ve seen the big mistakes and we know how to avoid them. Today we’re going to share some of the big mistakes we see over and over again in the world of stocks. Let’s take a look.



Mistake Number 1: Freaking Out!

We see this time and time again. The second a share price falls, investors start to get worried. It falls again and they get tense. It falls a third time and they start freaking out! They’re desperate to sell just to save themselves any little bit of money they can. The best investors stay calm when share prices fall. They understand that it’s part of a market fluctuation and it will eventually level out. Stay calm, and play the long game.

Mistake Number 2: Trying To Predict the Future

Unless you’re a stockbroker on Wall Street, there’s no need to predict the rise and fall of stocks. You simply cannot read the future. You don’t know when a company’s stock price will rise or fall and it’s a dangerous game to play. This is the easiest way to lose a lot of money, especially if you’re a new investor! Again, stick to the long term, sensible investments and you won’t need to speculate.

Mistake Number 3: Failing to Research the Companies You Invest In

A company’s share price is determined by its performance and perceived value. That means you need a full, strong understanding of the company before you invest. You should look at their financial records. Are they consistently returning year-on-year profits? Do they have a strong, core, experienced management team? Do they have a long term business plan? These are the things you should know before investing.

Mistake Number 4: Failing To Spread the Wealth

The best investors have diverse portfolios. They invest in a number of different business sectors. This means that if one industry falls, their other investments will balance out the loss. Sites like https://www.acmgold.com/ let you keep track of multiple investments and rebalance your wealth. Put your eggs in a number of baskets and keep track of them regularly.

Mistake Number 5: Trying To Make a Quick Buck

There certainly are some success stories about investors who made a fortune quickly. They chose the right stock, bought when it was low and then rode the rocket and sold at the top. This type of success is very uncommon! Most who try this technique end up losing a lot of money. Instead, invest in secure, long term companies.

Mistake Number 6: Obsessing Over Financial News

All this will do is add to your stress and sleepless nights! The day-to-day fluctuations make very little difference to your investments. You need to look long term and think about year-to-year fluctuations. Focus on your long term pan!

Avoid these six huge investment mistakes and you’ll sleep better and make a fortune!

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