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5 Top Financial Blogs You Should Look At

Are you looking for ways to increase your income or how to invest for your future? Short of seeking a personal financial advisor, you can find some of the best on the web for some ideas before going to a pro. If you are willing to take a chance on the risk of going it alone, you can find some wise advice through these sites. Just remember that not everything on the web is a solid fit for you, and you should check each out for the validity and soundness of their advice. Who knows, if you can do well enough on your own, you could build your own financial advice site. What are 5 of the top financial blogs on the web?

Cash Cow Couple

This is written by an adorable young couple, Jacob and Vanessa. Jacob has a degree in finance and Vanessa has a financial hard knocks degree. After each had graduated from college, they held back from chasing the Joneses and instead, worked diligently toward achieving financial freedom. Together they write and compile article giving ideas and financial direction to others. They hope to encourage others with the stories and advice they share. You get a sense they deeply want to see you get out of debt to appreciate the life they have forged for themselves.

Dough Roller

Read by millions each year, Robert Berger’s “Dough Roller,” is dedicated to bringing you the best tips, resources, and news on the web. Filled with articles giving solid and up to date advice and counsel. Many of the articles have been featured by some of the top news organizations and business journals. This is a well organized and content heavy site, covering topics like banking, credit, insurance, mortgages, personal finance, retirement, and taxes.

Mr. Money Mustache

Started by a thirty-something early retiree from the engineering and computer science industry, This blog is meant to be outreach to his fellow thirty-somethings who have bought into the hamster wheel of debt and desire. By being frugal, the writer has built a debt free life for his family, and he wants to share his experiences with the world. Full of great content designed to guide you to a less expensive life. He hopes to help you find a new freedom from the bondage of debt.

Get Rich Slowly

A compilation blog written by a team of editors, Get Rich Slowly brings together financial advice from the best places on the web. Covering diverse topics such as savings, mortgages, credit cards, education, and insurance, Get Rich Slowly, puts forward a regular spate of articles bringing clarity to the multitude of needs of its readers.

Making Sense of Cents

Using the lessons learned following her graduation with $38,000 in student loan debt, Michelle has put together an expansive and easy to use blog for others in her boat. Michelle shares the lessons she learned as she pared down her lifestyle and paid off her debt. At present, she is touring the United States in her RV writing and earning an income of over $70, 000 a month as she goes. Her blog is meant to help you follow some of the same roads she took towards financial freedom. Covering blogging, making extra money, saving and a list of other things she cares about, Making Sense of Cents is a blog you can dive into for a while.

One thing that shines out as you look at each of these sites is the idea that you could be as financially secure as any of these writers, you just have to be willing to put in the time and sacrifice. Take a look at each and start blogging.

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