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5 Tips to Turn Yourself into a Pleasant

Sure, telemarketers don’t have the best record with the public, but you don’t have to be part of the problem. Follow these tips to turn yourself into a pleasant, professional telemarketer who defies expectations and rises above reputation.

1: Stay on Script

Your employers have formed them for a reason, either because they’ve worked in the past or because your bosses are under pressure from their bosses to sell something a very specific way. You won’t make anyone happy by straying outside the lines.

2: Be Persistent

A recent study has shown that 80 percent of sales come after the fifth contact, yet many telemarketers give up long before then. Be patient, keep smiling and eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.

3: Use Positive Word Associations

Don’t ever use negative words, not even if you’re trying to make a point or distance your services from someone else’s. Stay completely positive. For example, don’t say “Our competitor is dangerous,” say, “Our product is safe.”

4: Have Fallback Phrases

When a call isn’t going your way, it’s easy to get flustered and lose the sale. Minimize this possibility by stocking up on fallback phrases, or certain things you can say to buy yourself time to think and regroup.

5: Get Advice from the Experts

If you’re still struggling to find your voice as a telemarketer, consider enrolling in a call center training course. These coaches have been where you are and understand what it’s like to work in the trenches. They can help you on your journey to become a top-notch sales rep.

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