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5 Alternative Investments in Time and Money

There are lots of standard ways to invest your time and money. Some of them work most of the time. Other don’t work in certain conditions, depending on the general state of the economy. Sometimes you get lucky with average gains and losses. Other times you become stagnant in your financial gains.

So, what are some atypical or alternate ways to invest your time and money so that you don’t fall into the same ebbs and flows as most other people? Consider things like timeshares, investing in gold and silver, investing in information technology, trying out the Bitcoin system, or even opening your own business. All of those contain separate ways of making money through investments.


Timeshares hold unique value with the public at large. Depending on their location, how often you use them, if you sublet them, how much of them you own, and other stipulations within the company that you use, they can be either a fantastic investment or a big, ugly money hole. Learn the ins and outs before signing on the dotted line, but if you do go in it to win it, plan to enjoy it while you own it as well.

Gold and Silver

Investing in gold and silver is an interesting path as well. They are precious metals, hold value for cultural reasons, and also change value based on demand in certain industries. They can be considered either a safe bet if you invest in them abstractly as numbers, or they can be considered a backup plan if you actually hold the physical metals in your physical location or at a bank, such as by investing in bullion.

Information Technology

The future is all about information, so finding some way to invest in information is another pathway to financial success. There are a few different ways to do this type of investment, but time is a big one. If you go to college or take classes that make you a master of information technology, then your skills will definitely be needed in the future.


Anyone with their finger on the pulse of the worldwide financial market is going to have at least heard about Bitcoin. It’s a fascinating approach to decentralized money, and within the culture that spreads it around, it is a solid and much better way to buy and sell things, especially across international borders. Invest away, friends, and see what happens in the future!

Opening Your Own Business

And away from the idea of directly investing in money, you can always start your own business. That way, there are things that you can do to reduce your taxes, as well as giving yourself more control over hours and money budgeted toward professional activities.

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