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3 Drawbacks to Working from Home


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If you run your own business or you freelance then there’s a good bet you’ll work from home. You might be a freelance writer, or you might sell online. Whatever you do working from home in the envy of so many people stuck on the corporate ladder. You get to plan your own time; you’re answerable to no-one, and you have no travel expenses. On paper working from home is the ideal job for anyone.

But as with everything there are drawbacks, and you need to be aware of these. If you are thinking about working from home then you need to know what’s involved. Sure, there are factors that affect you directly. But there are also factors that can affect your home and family, as a result.

You may find that you benefit from working at home. Perhaps you find your productivity increases. You cut down on transport cost. You can also sleep later as you don’t have to travel to the office. All of these are positive factors. But there aren’t always positives to working from home. In fact, there are a lot of negative factors to account for. Let’s look at some of these negative points now.

1. Increase in Bills

You might be saving money on travel expenses, but you may find a steady increase in your home bills. Because you’re spending all day every day at home, you will use more energy. Light and electricity will be used much more than it would be. There will be water usage from showering, using the bathroom and running taps. You might want to cook or have the television on. These are all added expenses.

If it’s cold or winter time then you may need to have the heating on for a while. If you have a regular boiler, this may be expensive. You can cut down on this a little by getting an oil boiler and using kerosene. This is more efficient and will cut down on bills.

If you don’t want to use the heating at all then you should make sure you wrap up warm. Add the layers so you aren’t going to get too cold.

2. Distractions

One of the major drawbacks, to working from home, is an increase in the number of distractions. It is easy to get preoccupied with other things when you should be doing your work. At home, you have all manner of entertainment such as television, books and games to tempt you. There’s your computer and the radio. These may help some to work, for others they are a distraction.

You might decide you need to clean your room. Maybe you need to do some washing up. Perhaps you decide you need to run the hoover around the house. Being at home presents distractions. It presents opportunities to do things other than the work you should be doing.

3. Limited interaction

Another problem you may face when working from home is you have limited interaction. This may be with work colleagues, but also with the outside world. Social interaction is important and by working from home you limit that.

You’ll also struggle to communicate with colleagues, superiors or clients. Sure you can use email or phone call. But it isn’t the same as dealing with them face to face. Things can get misinterpreted and lost in translation.

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