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10 Reasons Why Startups Must Go for Serviced Offices

Serviced offices provide businesses with a number of facilities which are otherwise unavailable especially if you have just entered the business world as having a startup. In its initial stage, a business faces a number of challenges as it requires as much support as possible to face the tough conditions from the highly competitive market. This indicates that there are a number of reasons for an entrepreneur to choose a serviced office. Following are some of the key reasons why your startup should go for a serviced office.

1. Packaged Services

A bundled service can provide your company with a number of services packaged into one depending on your specific business requirements and budget. This offer is usually much more cost-effective than having to build each one independently. Certain services are already packaged by various facility management companies. This way, you can have ample time to work on other things that are crucial in the initial stage of your business growth.

2. Reduced Costs

Regular offices take a significant initial deposit before they rent out their space. This additional cost may affect your future investment while reducing the amount of funds available for your company. Initially there are no charges, which is why all it has to pay is the rent on a monthly basis rather than an upfront cost which reduces their overhead cost to a great extent. Therefore, considering serviced offices can be worthwhile as compared to spending a huge amount of money in renting a regular office.

3. IT Facilities

Serviced offices give you access to broadband and network facilities which allow the business startup owners to communicate effectively with their clients. Furthermore, different speed connections are also provided depending on the package they pick. Since installing a complete IT infrastructure would be extremely expensive, an affordable way is to consider http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/serviced-offices/ so that you can get the advantage of having a fully-furnished office space with high-tech IT facilities.

4. Meeting Room Facilities

One of the major advantages of having a serviced office is that you can have access to a number of facilities without having to pay huge sums of money. In addition, you can use the equipment exactly according to your business needs.

5. Furnished Office Space Saves a Lot of Time

The office space is usually fully equipped with furniture that reduces the cost of the startup. This reduces the hassle of finding all this at a reasonable price and at the right time.

6. Limited Long Term Contractual Obligations

Since serviced offices do not have a lease agreement, you company does not have to keep a long-term contract with the serviced office providers. So, even if you plan to discontinue your business operations from a serviced office, you have the choice to opt out.

7. Premium Location

A serviced office provider offers a premium location whereby you can situate your startup in an area which provides significant exposure to your business. Had you tried to build an office on your own in such an area, it would be extremely costly.

8. Maintenance Cost Covered

The company renting out the serviced firms covers the maintenance cost of the rooms and surrounding meeting rooms, breakout spaces, bathrooms, etc. This also includes cleaning services and air conditioning/heating.

9. Networking Opportunities

Conducting business in serviced offices means that there is a likelihood of interacting with other individuals who could become potential customers.

10. Upgrade Available

A major factor favoring startups when using serviced firms is they can accommodate the growth or contraction of the company. Since the duration of the contract is limited from a few months to a year, the startup can request to rent out more rooms or decide to contract accordingly.

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